How to Take Good Landscape Photographs

Taking landscape pictures is a skill that seems easy to learn, but is actually very difficult. Millions of people take landscape pictures every day, but few of them are any good. Here are some tips to take good landscape photographs.

1. Find a point of interest. If you don’t have something for the viewer to focus on, the photograph is too confusing to look at. There has to be something that the viewer’s eye is drawn to. This is difficult in landscapes, but necessary. Below is a photograph taken by Ansel Adams that demonstrates how you can create a focal point in a busy photo that helps calm the mind of the viewer so that they can focus on the object the artist wants them to focus on. Ansel Adams said about landscape photography in refernce to his group call F-64, “
The idea was that these microscopic revelations of the lens had an esthetic of their own. Instead of contriving and putting things together to set them apart, we tried to organize what was out there in nature, to create forms out of the random shapes.”Image

2. Have lighting that emphasizes what you want to viewer to look at. This is difficult because it might require you to wait for the right time or come back at a better time, but bad lighting will make your landscape bland.

3. Look for patterns. Using patterns in nature is a good way to create a point of interest or lead your viewer to the point of interest. Image

Using these techniques is a good start to improving your landscape photos, but like like every kind of photography, practice and trying new things is what will really make your pictures shine.


-Wayne Biggs

ImageAnsel Adams – Monument Valley Utah


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