Instagram is an online social digital photo sharing service. It was conceived in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Michel ‘Mike’ Kreiger. As of January 2013 it has over 100 million registered users, of whom approximately 90 million are active.
Instagram touts that users of the service have now uploaded over 1 billion photos! It has gone through several iterations since its inception, and is now currently in version 2.0. It is most famous for its variety of different filter effects (there are 19 as of now) that users can very easily apply to their digital photos. It allows users to either take a photo with the Instagram app, or to upload a previously captured image and edit it. One thing that stands out about photos made or edited using Instagram is that they are not in the traditional 16:9 ratio format that most digital pictures are found it, but rather square; mimicking the style of a polaroid. Aside from the various filters, Instagram allows users to add such effects as adding a touch of extra light, a “picture frame”, and several different types of tilt-shift effects; centralized round or horizontal.
After editing, photos may then be uploaded to any number of social media sites such as Facebook or Flickr. Many users also choose to label their photos with #hashtags or location tags. Hashtags allow users to search for certain keywords and find photos of those keywords easier.
Last but certainly not least there are also several very innovative add-ons that users can use to enhance their Instagram experience. Instamap is an app that allows users to search for Instagram photos by location or hashtag and there are also several sevices allowing users to print their Instagram photos.
TL;DNR Instagram is a really cool photo app for your mobile device. It can do neat things to your pics.





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