High Speed Photography, The World That is Gone to Quickly for Us to See

High speed photographs can provide a unique way to see things that happen every day but we don’t see because our eyes and brains cannot process the image quickly enough. At 1/1000th of a second of less, an entirely unique world appears. A lot of high speed photos are fairly overdone and uninspiring, search for “High speed photography”, and you will find a million similar pictures of bullets hitting fruit. The better ones take a bit more thought, and good lighting is vital to a good high-speed shot, to ensure both the clarity and exposure of the image, since at less than 1/1000th of a second, you need a lot of light.

Balloon mid pop shot with noise triggered flash
This is a fairly generic photo of a popping balloon, but it’s interesting because of the way it was taken. Rather than attempt to take the photo with perfect timing, the photographer used a long exposure and a sound-activated flash.
Splash & Tiramisu
This is a photo that shows a lot of though. It has a low depth of field, and it tells a bit of a short story because you can see on the left the fork may have been thrown off the plate by whatever caused the coffe to fly into the air.
Quarters hitting water
Not much to say about this one, I just really like it.
Cornstarch-filled balloon
This is another clever idea added to the classic balloon-popping picture. The balloon has cornstarch in it, which creates a very visually interesting cloudy effect. You can also see the importance of good lighting in this photo, had the lighting not been bright, it wouldn’t have had sharp edges on the cornstarch cloud.
High-Speed shower
Water looks very different in a high-speed photo. Here you can clearly see the individual droplets as well as the light glistening on several of them. This photo also looks nice because of the shadowing.
AA battery through glass
A wine glass being broken by a thrown battery. You could probably read into this, but the flying glass and water together makes a visually interesting picture.

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