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How to Photograph Your Dog

I love dogs. I have three canines and I love to photograph them. Although I have gotten several good photos, I have never gotten that “great” shot. I am hoping the following information will help us (you and I) achieve that.


Hunter, 15

all cannon 1180

Atty (short for Attitude!), 1

all cannon 1183

Pablo, 7 (with Atty)

A successful dog photo captures the natural beauty and personality of the dog. Accomplishing this goal isn’t difficult, but requires two important things: familiarity with the dog’s behavior, and lots and lots of patience.

Through my research, I found that there are 8 basic suggestions to help Photograph your dog. They are:

  1. Time it well.  Outside and early mornings are best. The light is softer in the morning than later in the day. If you have to shoot in the afternoon light try diffusing the light with a white umbrella or possibly a white sheet.
  2. Let the dog get to know the camera.  Bring the camera near the dog and press the shutter button over and over until the dog doesn’t react to it anymore.  While doing this, act as if you are playing with the dog and give him treats so that he will associate the sounds of the camera with fun.
  3. Get lots of shots.  No matter what you are photographing always get lots and lots of shots. Get a variety of shots. The more variety you add, the better.
  4. Turn off the flash.  Again, outside on a sunny day is best when photographing a dog, therefore, you won’t need a flash. If you are taking pictures of the dog while he is sleeping you could use a low ISO with no flash, just remember, when using a low ISO you need to use a tripod to avoid shake.
  5. Enlist help. Pet handlers make the process go much more smoothly.
  6. Get down on your dog’s level and get up close to get a “dogs-eye” view.atstay
  7. Consider the background.    Use something that is in your dog’s world; grass, beach, hiking trail, etc. Use contrasting colors. Never use a black background with a black dog!! If your background is a bit busy set your aperture between 2.8 and 5.6 to blur the background.

img_20et creative and playful.  Have fun, the best photos are often spontaneous ones.

Labrador Retriever and friends






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