100 Ideas That Changed Photography

A British publisher named Lawrence King recently released a book entitled, “100 Ideas That Changed Photography”. I found this story that previewed some of the highlights of the book with select ideas over the history of photography. bp2.jpg

The latent image was created from a plate being exposed to mercury fumes in a bath.


The Negative/Positive was another important innovation in photography.


Images being able to be projected onto a screen.


The idea of creating the illusion of motion with pictures had important implications on things such as filming.


Another idea talked about is the more modern idea of sharing photos online with sites like Flickr, facebook, Instagram, etc. Sites we’re all familiar with using in today’s culture.

All in all, it seems like a pretty cool book to go get your hands on if you really want to get a visual and in depth look at the impotant innovations brought to photography from its beginning stages to the present. We talked about a good deal of these in class, but there’s a lot more you can learn about from reading it.

– jstoeck




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