National Geographic selling famous photographs

A small selection of National Geographic’s photos and paintings will be up for auction in December, marking the first time the institution sold any of its collections. 


“Afghan Girl” is up for sale and is expected to fetch $30,000-$50,000



“A diver swims with an octopus, whose arms measured three feet long, Mediterranean Sea” is expected to get around $3000. 


“A Nunamiut boy, Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska” is expected to sell for $3000.


From the Royal Geographical Society of Edmund Hillary on Mount Everest is expected to sell around $2,000

The auction is is entitled “The National Geographic Collection: The Art of Exploration” and will auction around 240 pieces. These pieces are from the 1800s to the present and include photographs and paintings. 

I found it interesting that this is the first time National Geographic is selling its works to the public.  I wonder if its because of the failing economy?  The article says National Geographic is doing this to celebrate their legacy and give people a chance to buy some history. But the auction is expected to make around $3 million, so I think its a little more than celebrating their legacy.








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by | October 23, 2012 · 4:13 pm

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