Getting The Most Out Of Autumn

Shoot Reflections In Water:

Works best at sunrise or sunset on sunny days. Try playing
with the white balance to find one that emphasizes reds, yellows,
and oranges while retaining the strong blues as well. A polarizer
can make autumn reflections pop, or removed them entirely.

Use RGB Histograms:

The histogram is useful in evaluating the overall exposure.
One or more of the colour channels may be clipped, or
even lacking in detail.

Shoot In Mixed Light:

Take advantage of digital cameras superior dynamic
range by shooting in mixed light. Avoid mixed-light
areas in the middle of the day because of the
harshness of the light.

Good Fall Colour Isn’t Enough:

Strong fall colours aren’t always enough. Every photo
needs a clean, clear composition. Spacing between
trees can help prevent shapes from merging together.
Including green trees can give better balanced colour
and contrast.  Take out anything that doesn’t contribute
to the photo.

Look Through The Viewfinder And Explore The Scene:

Move around! Think of different ways to take the same photo. Aim
the camera up, down, and all around to maximize your composition.

For more tips and information about taking great fall pictures, get the full article here:

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Olivia Henning


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