Inspect Your Skin with DoctorMole App and Your Smartphones Camera

Ever find a mole that causes you to rush into your doctor’s office for consultation? Today you can use your smartphone for everything, it seems. Apps can be downloaded to entertain, to navigate, and now you can use them for medical reasons, like the inspection of moles.

The DoctorMole app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It takes a photo of your mole and then rates it based on: Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter, and Evolution. These are the five characteristics doctors use to assess the risk of skin moles (ABCDE). The app then stores the picture and reminds you when to take another picture of the same mole to track its changes, if any.

Does this app completely replace the need for a doctor’s visit? As of now, no, but it does provide a piece of mind in knowing what you should be looking for in moles.

This use of smartphones to track moles isn’t completely new. Another app called Skin Scan has been available for quite some time, but hasn’t received great reviews. The trend of apps for medical uses seems to be catching on.

Here’s a link to the apps official website:

News article:




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