Daikichi Amano

A conceptual photographer from Tokyo, Japan. His works have been referred to as grotesque, bizarre and some even say he straddles the borderline of pornography. All of his works are drawn from his own personal fantasies. “Fantasies that are animistic, animalistic and atavistic in nature, but all-too-human in execution, evoking primal fears and desires.” He’s basically the godfather of what’s classified in Japanese culture as “genki” which roughly translates to enthusiastic, energetic, or lively. I have always found his work captivating, to say the least. He’s incorporated all types of animals into his photographs, from frogs to taxidermy anteaters. He captivates an audience by taking things that are normally not appealing, and turning them into works of art. Official website: http://www.daikichiamano.com/



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