Some Cool New Photography Ideas On The Horizon

Found some really cool new “toys” in the world of photography that may be the innovations that take it to the next level and change how we see photos and take photos in the future.






These Lytro Light field cameras have the ability to alter the focus point of an image AFTER it has been taken. This innovation is only now making its way into the consumer market.






There are now electronic contact lenses being invented for the initial purpose of restoring light into blind people’s eyes, but one day could find usage by everyday  people. Think of them as an “always-on” image capturing device.






Other innovations include throwable ball cameras that immediately take multiple pictures once you throw them in the air. It features 36 small, two-mega pixel mobile phone cameras that can be viewed on a panoramic viewer. These would offer many hard-to-get perspectives.

Here’s the link to about a dozen other photography innovations. Some seem impossible in the near future, others maybe not so much. Check em out.

– jstoeck



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