How to Photograph Drummers

The article I am covering is by a famous/ professional music photographer, Todd Owyoung.

I really liked this article because someday I would love to photograph musicians/ live concerts as a side job. This article really helped me understand how music photographers capture such great photographs.

Owyoung talks about the key essentials for taking a photographing a drummer in motion.

His five tips are:

Use The Right Lenses– Favors a 70-200mm f/2.8. Because drummers are usually in the back of the stage a telephoto lens is a great chose for closing the distance.

Pick Your Angles Carefully– Photographing drummers is harder than people think. You have to make sure other band members, mic stands, and monitors aren’t in the way. To get the best photos of drummers, comes down to finding the right position and angle that gives a clear shot of their face.

High Shutter Speeds– Because drummers are usually moving quickly, you want to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action. For the cleanest shots,  1/200 should be used as a minimum, but 1/250 or even faster is preferable.

Compose for Movement– With drummers moving their arms and sticks so much, you have many oportunities to get an awesome picture of epic gestures and movements that can help someone under the power of percussion.

Shoot The Drummer in Context– Tight framing can be the best at showing the energy of a drummer but a wider shot that shows their entire kit can be just as impressive.

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