DSLRs go on a journy to the outerlimits of space

This self portrait was taken by Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide while on a six-and-a-half hour space walk outside the International Space Station. He was using a Nixon D2Xs with a 10.5mm fish eye lens at a aperture of f/11, shutter speed of 1/500, and an ISO of 200.

This photo gives a detailed look at the camera.  I have no idea if the astronaut adjusted the camera settings manual or if it was shot with automatic settings.  I cant imagine adjusting the aperture and shutter speeds with those big bulky gloves on.

Here is Russian astronaut Gennady Padalka using the same DSLR Nixon D2Xs camera, but he has it mounted on his space suit. It is amazing that society has the technology to not only send a man in space, but also capture moments with a camera.

I found this article at www.petapixel.com and what intrigued me about the article was the sheer enormity of  technology society has created. It blows my mind that a Nixon DSLR camera with some added attachments can produce pictures like these.  I wonder if the astronauts had to take a basic photography class when they prepared to go up into space.

Who ever shoots any self portrait has no chance of coming close to this shot.  The reflection, the earth behind him, the fact that its literary in space, this astronaut takes the cake in self portrait shots!



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