How To Photograph The Milkyway!


I wish I had read this a few weeks ago when we had that meteor shower! This is definitely something I’d want to try the first time I sign out a tripod overnight. I’d like to try experimenting with silhouettes and edited images like this one.

1. Set the shutter speed to 15-20 seconds for the 18-22mm lens that we have. You’ll need a tripod to keep the camera still. And if you set the shutter speed too slow, you may get streaks instead of stars because of earth’s rotation.

2. Low aperture. Even though for landscapes you generally use a larger one, for nights you should use a lower one.

3. High ISO. Night photography requires a high ISO to get all the colour values, it might be grainy, but it won’t look the same as a lower ISO.

For this picture, he used a 30″ shutter speed, f/2.8 aperture and a 3600 ISO.

Visit the website I learned this from, there’s more helpful information there.


-Olivia Henning


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