Gigapixel camera developed by students at Duke University

Aware-2 Gigapixel Camera

Duke University is creating a new “gigapixel” camera called the “Aware-2”. This could be the next great step in imaging technology for both photography and videography. Currently the highest resolution video camera is the RED “Epic” which shoots at a stunning 5k resolution. This gigapixel camera would however, put that number to shame.

The Department of Defense is funding the project in hopes that this camera will change the way that aerial and land-based surveillance is done.

The camera is capable of capturing five times more detail than a person with 20/20 vision can see, and has a field of view that is 120 degrees wide and 50 degrees tall.

In order to determine the file size that this camera would output required some math.

The D40 has a 6MP sensor and outputs 3.4 MB JPEGs, and 7.1MB RAW files. If we assume the same ratio of Megabytes per Megapixel in those two file formats applies to the Aware-2 and extrapolate it based on the number of pixels in the camera then we end up with a JPEG that is 566.66 MB in size, and a single RAW file being a jaw-dropping 1.183 Gigabytes in size.


by Chris Broadhurst


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