Photography Techniques and Equipment.

Photography can be frustrating to for photographer who is just starting out in the field. It is always good to know a few techniques, whether it is composition rules, or how to make a backdrop and lighting equipment. As a college student I have learned how to make backdrops out of things like drop cloths, sheets, and table cloths. Construct reflectors out of foil and cardboard and scrims out of sheets, all for a very cheap price. The great thing is that the techniques or equipment can be used again and again, it can also make a good photograph into a great one. I have listed a link to a website that you will be able to explore what you can do with different lenses, how to photograph smoke, high-speed photography, and so much more. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did:

Below I have listed a couple videos of how to make soft box for photographers that use flash:

How to make a backdrop at a great price that you can use more then once:

Different reflectors you can use and what effects they have:

By: Jessica Cornwell.


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