How to make a person look on fire

For my last project I wanted to do a lot more with fire than I did (I only used a lighter).  I all these cool ideas but couldn’t do them because I was not willing to set myself on fire for a grade.  Anyways  I found this really sweet tutorial (  As you can see with the pictures below you start with a normal picture of a person, and you can use the fire as a basis for the rest.  Now this is not an easy technique and I couldn’t get it done for the project, but i do think it is something that’s really cool.   Also it’s very time consuming but if you know what you’re doing it’s well worth it.  It’s amazing how you can take a picture of someone on a bright sunny day and turn them into a fire breathing dragon.  This is exactly what amazes me about photoshop I love how you can take normal things and manipulate them into totally new and unthinkable things.  The reason why I chose to do this blog on fire techniques and not any of the other millions of different techniques  is because when I was doing my project I was looking up different things to do on photoshop with fire and this tutorial popped up and after reading it I thought it was so awesome and I wish i had the skills and time to do this.


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