Alan Sailer

When we where given the option of choosing our own theme for the final advanced photography project I wanted to do something similar to what I did for the exhibit for photography 1, but I wanted it to be a lot more unique and broad then just water. The first idea I had was to catch the impact of water on certain objects, but in the end that was too narrow of a topic, so I looked for some inspiration on the internet. That’s when I came upon one of Alan Sailer’s high speed photos, “Firecracker in a bottle.”










To get this photo, Sailer had to shoot at a very high shutter speed. He placed a firecracker inside a plastic test tube mounted into the bottom of the bottle and painted the tube black to absorb most of the light. When I saw this photo it made me remember what my favorite thing about the project was for photo 1 and what one of the key things all the photos I did had in common, they all captured the moment the water impacted something. That’s when I knew what my theme was going to be, moment of impact.

Here are a few other examples of Sailers work that inspired me to pick my theme for the final project.

























Photo Credit: Alan Sailer

-Andrew McMahon




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