Making a white background using photoshop

So for my last project I did portraits.  I wanted an all white backdrop but didn’t want it to have the textures of a sheet.  So instead of searching everywhere for the perfect back drop I hit the internet and this link ( solved my problems. This technique does take a lot of time and i have not mastered it but when time is taken it can do amazing things.  All you need is a white/tan sheet a camera and photoshop and you can make the sheet look like a studio backdrop.  I think by having the sheet as the background gives the photo a more realistic feel than pasting the photo on too a blank white page.  Not only does this project teach you knew photoshop techniques it also helps with basic masking techniques.  I would like to see how this technique works with a black sheet, i wonder if you decrease the brightness will take the ripples out of a black sheet.



Now i know mine are no where near as crisp as the example in the link, but i feel as if it’s not too bad for my first attempt.  I really like this technique and think it’s a great way to get around the problems of being a poor college student




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