In the Numbers

As I contemplate my final project and ways to move my photography forward, I wonder – is it in the numbers?

2 informative postings – These were found on Black Star Rising, a group blog that seeks to educate photographers, pros and buyers. See below.

5 phases of the creative process – Here I learned that not only do I need to prepare, but I should incubate, intimate (check out the entry to learn what it means), illuminate, and verify.  If 5 are not enough, read on.

11 ideas to enhance the creative process – There are good thoughts here. I like the one about relaxing.

60 sources of inspiration for photography – I am focusing on 3 of these: joining Flickr groups, playing with textures, and changing the time of day I shoot.

360 degrees – Black Star Rising blog also contains an informative post which is useful for anyone wishing to add 360 degree panoramas to their repertoire of photographic capabilities.

500 photographers – Check out the Notice Everything WordPress blog and the links posted. Today I learned about Brent Stirton, a South African photographer who focuses on issues related to conflict, health and the environment. Each day a different photographer is featured.

Is it in the numbers? It may not always be as simple as 1-2-3, but as we seek to advance our projects, education, careers and photography, it is within each of us to dream, create and inspire.

By Leslie S


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