Aww Now There is a Good Baby..

Ever since the birth of my niece I have been interested in photographing babies and children. One would think that photographing such a small and innocent child would be simple and easy. It is not easy at all, they squirm, cry, and is almost impossible to keep them still and happy unless they are asleep.  I have tried to photograph my niece and it seemed like I was fighting an uphill battle. I am going to continue to try and master photographing babies. I found a photography website and the photographer, Charlotte (Her last name was not listed.) is amazing when it comes to taking pictures of babies. She uses unique yet simple props, and techniques that’s really interesting and not the stereotype point and shoot pictures.

I have listed some of their photographs below and if you have an opportunity to photograph a baby then here are some ideas. If you like the pictures that are listed, make sure you check out their website listed above.

Here is a link to a video of more of her photographs:




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