African Wildlife Photography.

I have always loved traveling, and a place I have always wanted to visit is Africa, and photograph the wildlife there. I found a photographer named Greg du Toit, he captures the beauty and danger of Africa’s wildlife and people. He is 8th generation African and has lived there all of his life, when he was younger he led safaris which allowed him to be very well known with the wildlife there. Recently he started doing an “African Photography Safari”, giving any type of photographer from amateur, to professional, a chance to photograph the animals in the bush.

His published works include some of the following, a solo exhibit entitled “Authentic Africa” hosted by National Geographic of Singapore in 2011, The Best Of Gateway Gallery, a book published every 10 years,’On Assignment’ photographic segment for Africa Geographic magazine, cover of the February 2012 issue of Africa Geographic magazine, two images place in the Smithsonian Nature’s Best photographic competition, a book on business philosophy used his ‘Blood, Sweat and Photographic Tears’ project to illustrate certain key business principles. The list is endless and you can look up more of his accomplishments on his website,

I have listed just a few of his photographs below, they are incredible and cannot be put into words. If anyone is interested in looking into more of his pictures or the “African Photography Safari”, his website is listed above. He also does a blog, if you would like to follow it, here is the link: 

I hope you enjoy his pictures as much as I do.

Here is Greg du Toit, waiting to photograph a lion drinking water:


Greg outside his custom-built hide deep in the heart of Southern Tanzania (2007)


A few of Greg du Toit’s wildlife photographs:

For the Chameleon and snake photograph, here is the settings and camera he used. 

Nikon D3s, Nikkor 200-400mm lens at 350mm, F8 1/2000 and ISO640. Beanbag for support.


By: Jessica Cornwell.


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