Photographing Abandoned Buildings

When I’m not photographing sports one of my other favorite things to photograph is abandoned places.  To me they tell a story, why would somebody leave this place all alone for 10, 15, 20 or even 100 years? I found a great website that gives a bunch of tips when photographing abandoned places. One of the things they talk about is bringing a tripod.  I agree with them that this is crucial because these places are usually very low lit and need to be shot at a very low shutter speed.  Another tip they gave was to shoot wide in order to capture the entire place you are shooting.  The link below is the website that gave me all the tips.

I’m not going to list all the tips for shooting in abandoned places because that is all covered in the posting on the website.  I think shooting abandoned places is really cool.  Many of the older building have really sweet architecture. Abandoned buildings that look really cool on the outside usually tell a whole different story inside.  In the picture shown with all the seats this could have once been an eloquent theater where rich people went, and now is left in ruins.  I think abandoned places create a whole different aspect of art that not many people take the time to appreciate.  To me these abandoned places are great you have the ability to capture the whole essence of the building in a single photograph and I think that gives all the merit to why  photographing abandoned places is worth the while.  Another thing I love about photographing abandoned places is the sense of adventure.  While these old places are downright cool they are creepy, you never know what could be hiding around the next corner.  For me while the photography aspect and taking the pictures is a lot of fun the adventure of finding these places and inspecting them is just as fun.

The pictures taken below are by a photograph Chris Folsom who wrote the article in the link i posted



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