Eye color and photoshop

This video is a pretty simple way to change eye color in photoshop, which we probably all know how to do anyway. But what brought this search on is an article I found by a makeup artist named Kandee Johnson. (www.kandeej.com)


Both Zooey Deschanel and Megan Fox have naturally blue eyes, but Kandee discusses how interesting it is that even changing someone’s eye color can drastically change their look. If you cover their eyes, they look the same, but it’s really different when you look at the pictures as a whole side-by-side.

I thought this was pretty interesting because, as photographers, it’s our job to convey a mood with our photographs. By changing someone’s eye color, we change a great deal more than a small part of their face. We end up changing the whole mood they give off and the whole mood of a photo. While it’s not completely obvious, it’s still interesting to note that we not only have to look at the whole picture, but the small details. That’s what makes a truly amazing photograph, not just a snapshot.

I took a picture of myself from a few months ago and fiddled around with it, and the whole picture feels different.

Of course it’s not completely different, but it has a different quality and character to it.
Have fun!



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