Beach Photography

The beach is probably a place we vacation at or just hang around out. Whether it is the one down the road from us or a beach in another state, it offers us a unique opportunity for pictures. Beach photography does not just have to be sand and water or waves crashing. It can involve people, action, interesting creatures, or unique spots or landmarks at the beach locale. So in anticipation of summer and the opportunities available to us close by at our own shore here are some tips for helping take photographs at the beach.

When to go?

-The golden hour! The hour before sunrise or sunset, or two hours in case of sunset will be the best time to get photos of the sky and sea.

-This time gives better softer light with more contrast

-At sunset could be a great time to capture silhouettes at the beach too

-This website has tips on shooting silhouettes:

Camera Settings:

-Fast shutter speed

-to stop motion (splashing in the water or jumping in the air for example)

-if you are trying to capture the motion of the waves (blurring) use a slower shutter speed

-Low ISO on bright sunny days

-Small to medium aperture (f/8 or lower to f/16)

-depends on the Depth of Field you are trying to achieve

Diffusing the light

-If shooting when the sun is at its peak it could be useful to use a reflector or a scrim to diffuse or bounce light away. Bright sun can cast dark shadows. You want warmer, softer tones not harsh ones.   If you do not have professional photography equipment some things you could use are: Aluminum foil, white boards, and beach umbrellas made of light fabric.

Protect your equipment

-Water and sand could be harmful to your camera. Bringing a cleaning kit for you camera could be helpful. Do not place your camera in the sand, use a tripod or surface instead.

Here are some interesting links that offer more in depth tips and some ideas for subjects to photograph:

Photo by: Sara Heinrich

Photo by: Hendro Yuwono


Photo by: Anya Brewley


Submitted by: Danielle DellaCamera


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