Carl Warner: Food Photographer Extraordinaire

During my time in Photography I last year, we had to pick a specific photographer and give a presentation on them and their work. Thanks to the magic of StumbleUpon, I discovered the work of photographer Carl Warner, and opted to profile him.

I decided to profile him again for the blog for those who weren’t in the class with me  (and you really missed out on what was probably a hilarious and fascinating presentation. At least, I assume it was, I wasn’t really paying attention.)

Warner’s work is decidedly weird, with more than a touch of the surreal.

Some people find success in photographing food, some in photographing landscapes. Carl Warner does both at the same time, because he don’t even give a crap*

Warner uses foodstuffs to create intricately detailed landscapes, which he refers to as “foodscapes”.

Carl Warner, and his foodscapes, have been featured in numerous media outlets; including books, television, and numerous photography and art blogs.

Can you figure out which food items he used in these pictures?

Check out more of Carl Warner’s delicious work at his website.

*Clearly he does, as his food landscapes are meticulously designed and arranged, but that’s not as funny to say.

– Wayne Sisson


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