Food Photography


Since I have turned to edible objects a few times now for inspiration for my photo assignments, I thought it was time to take a more in depth look into the matter. So for those of you think a cookie can be photogenic or you want to capture the chocolate warmth of a Kit-Kat bar, here is what I found:


-Keep food well lit

-Use natural light- window light is better than direct sunlight

-Use diffusers or reflectors to help tame or amplify the natural light

-Do NOT use a flash

-Flashes can make food look harsh and flatten your image

-Wet the food, use glycerin vegetable oil mixed with water, or even lick the food

-Combined with the right light it will give your food a more healthy and appetizing appeal

-This link explains this tip a little more clearly:

-Shoot from multiple angles: Left, Right, From Above, Shooting upwards, Close-ups, Further away shots, etc…

-Move props in the background to different spots- Play with your composition. The slightest movement of the food or of background items could change your shot completely

-You need to think about the whole image, not just the food


Be Prepared, So You Can Be Quick

What are you placing the food on? Plate, bowl, table cloth

-What are you putting around it? Fork, knives, glasses, other table elements

-What is going in the foreground of your shot? What about the background?

These are all things to consider before even going to the shoot. The more you think about the shot in advance the quicker you can be. When working with food it is important to be quick.  Food can melt, change color, or lose any appetizing appeal fast.


For some more tips check out these websites:


To see a food photographer go through the process with a food stylist check out this video:

And a personal favorite of mine is Matt Armendariz. He writes a food blog, but is also a food photographer. His blog is great, because in addition to photographs he gives step-by-step instructions and recipes for some of his creations. His food blog can be found here:

Here are some of his photographs:

Post by: Danielle DellaCamera


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