Underwater Dog Photos

Seth Casteel was just a normal pet photographer until some of his photos were posted onto Reddit.com and views on his personal website sky rocketed from 200 a day to 100,000.  Casteel, 31, who travels between Los Angeles and Chicago for work, says he has received thousands of emails for private shoots from people in 20 countries. He was struggling to pay his bills because he purchased a water-proof case for his camera, but one morning he woke up and his bank account was full, as a  result of prints being bought from his website. Casteel said he thinks the photos are so popular because humans have a special relationship with dogs, because they share many of the same emotions.

I think this story really shows how powerful the internet is, and if you take photos that are interesting enough and grab people’s attention, you will get the recognition that you deserve. It’s a really cool idea that I never would have thought of. I’m not sure if you have to totally rethink your settings because it’s under water, but either way, all of his photos look great and the colors are quite vivid.



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