Levitation: Easier than you might think!

The Photo 2 class is getting ready to do some stuff with stacking photos in Photoshop; and one of the most popular uses of that skill is to make models levitate. Usually in a forest or on a hill somewhere. Sometimes they levitate where a bed or other furniture should be.

Good news, though. Similar effects can be done with just your camera and one shot. You’ll need plenty of light, since your shutter speed is going to need to be high. The minimum suggested is 1/1000, and you should aim higher if the light is there. Next you have someone snap the shutter  button or have a remote control hidden in your hand.

Then you jump and shoot. That’s it. Once you get the timing down, you get results like this:

All photos courtesy of  Modern Metropolis blog. There are several sites dedicated to just this model. Some are just as good as the stacked levitation stuff. Just remember. Absolutely no special editing is needed. All you need is a model that can a make believable levitation poses, and a fast shutter speed. Good luck!

…And completely unrelated, I’ll leave you with something that you should never do. No matter how much your cousin offers to pay you to make her a new Facebook profile, never do this:

– Don


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