Photography project ideas

So I did just an entire post, hit publish, and it erased the entire thing. So, here we go again. >:o
I’m sure that Mr. Mosher hopes that we explore our creativity through photography, even after we complete the course. I think a great way to keep the creative juices flowing is to do a photography project.
One idea is a project called “A-Z.” For this project, you can either photograph things that look like letters, or photograph things that start with letters (A is for Apple, for example).

This person chose the first option, photographing things that look like letters. I think it would a really fun project to do.

Another idea is called “Pick-A-Something.” You can choose to photograph a specific color, object, etc. I would love to do this with the color purple.

This person chose to take pictures of shoes.

A final idea is to do an entire black and white project. Sometimes black and white photos can be more interesting than color photos.

The black and white on this photo really brings out the texture of the drops and the leaves.




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