Tyler Shields is a really talented and interesting artist who takes residence in California. He mostly takes portraits, but some others are just conceptual or taking a political standing. He works with a lot of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Emma Roberts. His stuff gives some cool perspectives, some great ideas for portraits and for photos involving words. I really like his stuff because he explores the beauty and uniqueness of each person he photographs, but he also has the boldness to do with each photo what he feels; he’s very daring. His fairly twisted sense of humor comes across in most of his photos, and it gives it a little bit of his own spin on things that most people would see as just things or portraits (or even some things that most people would just find gross or odd).

I would certainly not suggest for you to look through his website unless you’re okay with graphic imagery. A great deal of his photos are violent and / or sexually explicit, I would give it an R rating were it a movie.




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