Martin Rietze’s amazing erupting volcano photography

The 2009-2010 Sakurajima volcano eruption.

Between December 24, 2009 and January 10, 2010, the Sakurajima volcano in Japan’s Kagoshima prefecture erupted.

Nature's deadly, deadly fireworks.

Photographer Martin Rietze was in the area at the time, and captured these amazing images of the eruption for us to enjoy.

Wide shot of eruption, with volcanic lightning present.

One of the most interesting visual elements of these pictures would have to be the dancing bolts of lighting, seemingly appearing out of thin air.

More hot volcanic lightning action!

More information on the phenomena of volcanic lightning can be found here, at the website.

And now, to finish this post with a bang...

Rietze is an accomplished photographer, specializing in unusual landscapes, often with a touch of the surreal and/or dangerous.

More images of the Sakurajima eruption can found on Rietze’s website, along with many more visually stunning photographs of everything from auroras in Norway, geysers in Yellowstone, desert landscapes in Namibia, and much, much more.

All images in this post were shot by (and are the property of) Martin Rietze.

– wsisson


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