Visiting Washington D.C.

Washington DC is a great place to visit. It has something for everybody. From museums, to monuments and memorials, to street life and the political scene, it offers a potpourri of photographic opportunities.

The architecture of Washington varies greatly. The neoclassical, Georgian, Gothic, and modern architectural styles are all reflected among the many buildings and neighborhood row houses.

Carol M. Highsmith is a photographer who has photographed all 50 of the United States, the District of Columbia. She specializes in documenting architecture, ranging from the monumental and the everyday and whimsical. Highsmith has donated her life’s work to the Library of Congress. Her collection is alongside of Mathew Brady.


With it’s vibrant local life, the District of Columbia is a great place to do street shooting as you walk through a neighborhood, and even the Mall or a Metro Station. When visiting a monument or memorial, don’t forget to check out the people. There is always a moment that tells a story.

Photographer Gordon Parks was with the Farm Security Administration in the 1940s. Working as a trainee under Roy Stryker, Parks created one of his best-known photographs, American Gothic, Washington, D.C. After the FSA disbanded, Parks remained in Washington as a correspondent and continue capturing interesting images around the city.


Ray Wilson is being honored by the Greater Washington Urban League for his work which he pursued as a passion. He captured local life in DC before going blind five years ago. See his gallery on the Washington Post.

Sadly, this week the world lost a notable photographer with a connection to Washington DC, Stan Sterns. With one click of the camera, he captured one of the most poignant images of the last half century.

My photographic tip for you as you visit Washington D.C. is to be prepared with camera in hand, and keep your eyes open, as the photographic opportunities abound. May the images you capture be interesting and iconic.

Leslie Sinclair


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