Using Textures to Enhance Images

Lately, I have been seeing beautiful and interesting images that have been enhanced through the addition of a texture. These might have a vintage look or appear like paintings on canvas. Others have a very rough texture applied to give them an edgy look.


I discovered that it is it is very easy to do. Here is the basic procesess:

Step 1 Obtain your texture. This can be done by shooting your own textures or going to a website to obtain one. Please see below for sites where textures can be found.

Step 2 Open both your photo and your texture in Photoshop.

Step 3 With your texture image active, select all, edit and copy. Then bring your picture image up and select edit paste to paste the texture over your picture. This will automatically bring up a new layer with the texture in it

Step 4 This is where the blend modes come into play. Under layers where it says normal, click the up-and-down arrow to expose the various blend modes. Softlight, scene, and multiply are popular modes, but you might try experimenting with any of them

Step 5 After selecting a blending mode that gives the effect you are looking for, you may decide to move on to further adjustments. Click on the texture layer to bring up a layer style box with advanced blending options. You can start by moving the sliders up and down to drop out particular colors. Moving the sliders can be somewhat heavy-handed. Press the option key on the Mac or the alt key on the PC and click the slider. This will split the slider and you can fine tune your adjustments

Step 6 Continue to experiment with different adjustments and blending modes until you’re happy with your image

This tutorial is helpful

For my first attempt, I took a photo of a lighthouse and then gave it the look of an old, vintage photograph. I desaturated my original lighthouse photo
and added a sepia filter. I then added the texture layer using my own texture of rust on the side of a ship. I followed the process described above,
and came up with the following.

Two sites were you can obtain textures are provided below. There are many others.

I also found a site where you can get blending actions that automate the process of adding a texture.The MPC action allows you to scroll through the various blending options to see which one you like. In the video, Jodi explains how to use a mask layer if there are areas of the photograph where you do not want the texture to appear so strongly, like the face or skin.

Do you have an image that can be enhanced through the addition of a texture? Give it a try. It is an easy way to add interest.



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