Photoshop 6 content aware

Almost every time that I take a picture, there will be something in it that bothers me that I want to take out, so I have to go into photoshop to get it out. There are many different methods to delete items while in photoshop, but since I am not very good with photoshop, and lets face it I can be lazy at times, the method I use most often and the simplest one is to content aware what I want to get out. Content aware is simple because all that you have to do is highlight the unwanted area with the lasso tool and hit delete, and photoshop does its best to fill in the area with another part of the pictures that would be most similar. So if you wanted to get a leaf out of part of a road, select it and then the computer will do the rest. Now this content aware doesn’t always work but it is one of the simplest methods of altering an image.  Adobe is about to release its newest version of photoshop, and below I have posted a video that shows the newest features for content aware.

I posted this video because content aware is one of the most commonly used, and simplest, editing features in photoshop. It also shows what we have to look forward to in photoshop 6.

Andrew McMahon


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