Tips for taking silhouette shots indoors

I was working on my photography assignment and I was trying to think of ways to photograph a silhouette indoors. I found this wonderful tutorial online that really helped me out. You can view that here.

I have really limited lighting in my game room, or cave as my friend dubbed it, so I had little to work with. I found the brightest lamp we have and brought it into my room. I took off the lamp shade and the light almost blinded me! But, I knew this lighting would be perfect for my silhouette image.

I did as the tutorial said and turned off all of the other lights in my room, including my television, and made the lamp the only light source. I placed the lamp behind my subject, got my exposure right, and what do you know? I got an awesome silhouette photograph, which is shown below.

I hope this helps out some of you who may be having trouble getting good silhouette shots.



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