Kevin Fleming

You may not recognize his name but you have probably seen his photographs.

 Kevin Fleming has covered the world as a photographer for National Geographic and has recently been recognized America’s Best Observer by Readers Digest. His assignments have taken him into war and famine in Somalia, to the Mediterranean for a re-creation of the voyage of Ulysses and put him on a dogsled crossing the Canadian arctic.

 Kevin has worked in 26 countries photographing subjects as diverse as the sub-atomic world of high-energy physics and New Zealand sheep ranchers. While reporting on the Sinai Peninsula in 1981, Kevin came under the assassins’ gunfire that killed Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. He escaped with some of the few images of that tragic moment.

 A Delaware native, Kevin began his career as a newspaper photographer after attending Wesley College (where he has been inducted into their Hall of Fame and in 2007 was named the “Distinguished Alumni of the Year”). He then spent a decade as a National Geographic photographer and most recently has concentrated on creating books. His photography has won many national and international awards.

 On September 11, 2001, when the second airplane crash into the World Trade Center, Kevin instantly realized that America, and the world were changed forever. That day, he changed too, a sense of urgency compelled him to get back on the road and finish his book on the people and places in America.

 For The Heart of America, Kevin spent years crisscrossing our nation from Florida’s Everglades to the summit of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley. Traveling in helicopters, hot air balloons, kayaks, and on horseback to capture the heart and soul of America. He brings us a warm, funny, openhearted exploration of America and Americans with his compelling photographs and stories from the back roads, people and places seldom seen. You can see some of his America photographs at

 In 2008 Kevin photographed and published Wild Delaware which features wildlife and wild places across his home state. Wild Delaware was published in November 2008 and is now sold out. You can his photographs at

His latest book Wild Delmarva was published in November 2010, and was the #1 bestselling book on the peninsula. You can see his photographs and order Wild Delmarva here:

author: Olga Usova


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