Steve McCurry

—I decided to post my Photographer that I did for my presentation.
Steven McCurry was born in Philadelphia, and graduated from The College of Arts and Architecture at Pennsylvania State University.
—He started at Penn State as a Film Major, but then started to shoot still photographs for the school paper.
—His most famous photos are in National Geographic, and he covered mostly the war in Iraq. Not just what war is but what war does to human nature.
—He is also well known for evocative color photography
After working for a newspaper for two years, he went to India to do freelance work.
—His career launched when he was disguised as a native and crossed over into Afghanistan.
—When he came back after the Russian Invasion, he had several rolls of film and the photos would make it around the world.
This is some of Steve’s work:

Afghan Girl
This is his most famous photo from National Geographic .
-Anthony Matalavage

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