Having trouble with your final project? Get your creative constipation moving with some inspiration bran!

by: mlove

Having complete creative license on a project can sometimes feel more daunting than liberating, but fret not. These tips to breaking photographer’s block may help you find the inspiration you need.

Everyone has seen this picture but you can make it your own. Not feeling creative? Try to recreate it to the finest detail. Feeling saucy? Tweak the photo as you see fit. Maybe use funny hats, that'll push some buttons. Do you have an edgier idea?

For example, trying to recreate a famous photo can be a great exercise in understanding how a great photograph was made and give you not only a deeper appreciation for it, but the technical knowledge on how to do it.

Also, the art of the self-portrait is an exercise in representing yourself. Most people will do this by either taking a conventional portrait shot, or a picture that involves them doing something they enjoy, but you can take it to the next level by breaking out of your element and showing your audience a side of you they may never have imagined. Don’t be afraid to don a Santa Claus hat and yell at a stuffed mouse.

Another interesting approach is to set out on a walk and take a photo every 100 steps. This technique forces you to find an interesting shot in a location you may never have considered photographing.

Let those inhibitions go for an awesome self-portrait. This guy is my hero.

Here is a link to an article that gives you ten ways to break your photographer’s block. I hope this will help in your quest for the ultimate final project.


Try browsing flickr for cool photos, inspiration is just a click away. That was lame, but your photos won't be.


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