Compostion in Portraits

I love painting/drawing in my free time and my favorite subjects are people. This is why I think that I enjoyed our last photography assignment at the Tunnel House. I love human expressions and want to learn how to create that perfect portrait. After reading photography articles for hours on portraits I wanted to share some tips that I have learned. 1. Fill that frame with your subject. A portrait is about the person.2. Keep the eyes in the upper third. 3. Use framing to concentrate all attention on your subject.

I love how the female is framed perfectly in this photograph

By blurring the background the subject will stand out more.

4. Create Texture. By pulling the subject away from the background and shooting on Aperture priority (f4.0), you will create a small depth of field to blur the backdrop and allow for artistic texture. 5. Use lines. The lines add creative interest, but they also draw attention to your subject. Keep in mind that any “line” used in a portrait is strongest when it comes outside the frame and leads to the subject. 6. Change your angle. Often by moving a little to the right or left, or getting higher or lower, you can completely abolish that distracting tree branch or telephone pole.

I also want to add this website. I found it very interesting and informative for those who like to photograph people. This website discusses correct aperture, lighting, framing and white balance among other topics one needs to know in order to create beautiful portraits in photography.

By: kryan2


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