I just fell in <3 with the Vintage Effect

I found this super easy tutorial, and if I can follow it anyone can! The link is http://veerle-v2.duoh.com/blog/comments/photoshop_vintage_effect/ and it’s actually from someones blog. I forgot to do this assignment in class, so I just did it and it made my picture much better. To be honest, I was quite proud of my ‘golden rose’ photo but now when I compare it to the Vintage version of it, its colors look green and harsh to me. The blog, which I  link above, also has more tutorials that are easy to follow.








The quick version of how you do it is: 1) Change the Brightness/Contrast levels, Hue/Saturation 2) Add an adjustment layer, curves and mess with Red, Blue & Green (match it to the tutorial example) 3) Go to adjustment layer and select solid color (pick a very hot pink bc its gives the look of sun faded photos) turn the opacity of layer really low and BANG its done!




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