Hendrix Recreation

For our fourth assignment I wanted to try and recreate the famous photo of Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar on stage.

The photo was taken by Jim Marshall in the late 60’s, this was one of his most famous photographs he had ever taken.

These photos were almost not even taken. Marshall was on his way out of the concert. But when he heard what Hendrix was doing he rushed back and took the last few shots on his that were left on his camera and captured history.

To achieve a similar photo to the iconic shot I used a plastic guitar and poured nail polish remover/acetone onto the guitar and lit it with a match. I had my Dad pose as Hendrix with my own twist on it. And hoped that it would turn out alright.

Then in photoshop added a tie-dye background and a little grunge effect to give it a older and more 60’s vibe.

I was inspired by this photo to make my own twist on it because I thought it would be fun to try and recreate such a unique and famous photo.

Also I liked the idea of trying to photograph something on fire. I really like the way my image came out, although if I did it again I would change somethings. Overall, I still feel that for a first try the photo turned out nicely.

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2 responses to “Hendrix Recreation

  1. A great re-creation of an iconic photo. I love your interpretation.

  2. A great re-creation of an iconic image. I love your interpretation!

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