Sky, Pocahontas, Spirituality, and Rene Descartes

For one of our future projects i want to capture the beauty of the world above us. The sky and clouds were my first shot ideas. I would also like to  incorporate spirituality within some or all of these photographs. One of my other ideas is centered around the philosophical quote spoken by Rene Descartes, “I think, therefore i am.”  I could take a photograph of a person  close-up thinking or sitting under a tree.  Also, the movie Pocahontas has a few quotes i am interested in working with such as, “Listen with your heart. You will understand,” and “You can own the earth and still. All you’ll own is earth until. You can paint with all the colors of the wind.” The colors of the wind photograph would be fun to edit in Photoshop. I could use various brushes to create a wind effect with color and leaves. My project theme could possibly be spirituality because the sky, clouds, Pocahontas and Rene Descartes all reflect the essence of our being or nature (“deepest values and meanings by which people live”).



I think, Therefore I Am


Author: Abigayle Marks 

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