Norman Rockwell Recreations in Photography

For the assignment 4 I have decided to recreate a Norman Rockwell Painting. I love art and think that Rockwell is one of the greatest American artists of our time. While searching for painting that I wanted to recreate I noticed that some of his greatest works have been recreated by photographers and artists alike.

Recreating Rockwells paintings

One recreation that I find to be most amusing is his self portrait.

Norman Rockwell's "Self Portrait"

I thought that this recreation of the above painting was funny and I could see the inspiration.

One of Rockwell’s most famous painting was of  Thanksgiving Diner.  It too has been recreated in photographs.

Rockwell's Thanksgiving Dinner

Recreation of Rockwells Thanksgiving Dinner

To view more of Norman Rockwell’s paintings I have added a few links below.

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