Edit your photos at Picnik for FREE

An example of some of what you can do with picnik.

This is the welcome page.

If you’ve never heard of picnik.com you should check it out. It is a huge downgrade from Photoshop but if you don’t have Photoshop it can get the job done. What is really cool about it is you don’t have to download anything! You just type in picnik.com and upload a photo to the website & tweak it on the site then save it to your computer. I have used it a few times to enhance the color of some of my photos (not for class) and it does the basic stuff like black/white. It’s free to do a lot of stuff on there but if you want some of the other things it offers you have to pay. You can make collages & things like that as well. I’m a fan simply because you don’t have to sign up for anything, no downloads and it’s so simple to use. Check it out! www.picnik.com.

On the left you can see some of the editing tools.


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