Jim Marshall — Rock and Roll Photographer

This photo is of Ray Charles and his assistant practicing before a performance

Being a lover of all types of music from jazz to heavy metal, I felt that doing my in-class presentation on photographer Jim Marshall would be right up my alley. I was amazed when I saw just how many rock legends he was given access to. Many of his photos are well know by music lovers such as Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar on stage to Janis Joplin setting on her Porsche, but the less popular photos are the ones that I found to be most interesting. For example this photo of Ray Charles practicing backstage before a concert. This shot shows the dedication and hard work that Charles had to put in everyday in order to perfect his art.

Another photo  Marshall took that I enjoyed was taken at Woodstock in 1969., known as the “Woodstock Embrace”. To me the closeness of the subjects and the detail in the mud stained hands sums up what Woodstock  was all about … love.

This photo entitled, "Woodstock Embrace" sums up the era of the 1960's for me...love and peace.

Jim Marshall had a way of showing these “larger than life” personalities in a different light, void of all of the glitz and glamor that most photographs portrayed them in. For example this photo of Janis Joplin shows how fragile she was despite of her on-stage persona. His photos managed to humanize the person and show their vulnerabilities and the person that they really are.

This photo of Janis Joplin backstage shows what a troubled soul she must have been.

Jim Marshall’s photographs have graced 500 album covers and  has 6 books of his photographs published.

Proof by Jim Marshal









There are so many photos of Marshall’s that I would have loved to include in my presentation but due to time limitations am unable to. But if anyone would like to view more of his photographs, below is a couple of links to his work .



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