My love for wild animals

Mother Bengal Tiger and cub photographed by Michael Nichols for National Geographic

Shown here is a mother Bengal Tiger along with her cub lounging on top of her. I really enjoy looking at photos of tigers, or any wild animal. A tiger usually gives birth to two to six cubs at a time, which are raised with little to no help. Tiger cubs cannot hunt until they are 18 months old, and stay with their mother for two to three years.

Peacock photographed by Medford Taylor for National Geographic

I love how brightly peacocks are colored, they are quite breath-taking in person. Males are only called Peacocks, females are called Peahens. They makes their nests on the ground, they do not make them in trees. In India, the Peacock is their national bird. Peacocks do not mix well with other domestic birds.

Snow Leorpard, photographer unknown

Snow leopards have always been another one of my favorite wild cats, although I have never seen one at a zoo.  Snow leopards live in the mountains of Central Asia. Snow leopards legs are so powerful that they are able to jump 50 feet! Having such strength also gives them the power to kill animals three times their own weight. Unfortunately, they are an endangered animal, which is mostly due to poaching.

I chose these photos because I believe they are amazing shots of amazing animals, and hopefully by reading about them you have learned something new.




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