I want to wrap up the semester with an additional posting, a few comments and leave with you another artist contemplations.

Eve Arnold got her start in photography back in the 50’s and for many decades  has been quite the photographer who happens to be a woman, and not a “woman photographer.” She credits a great portion of her success to her early management years (as a young professional) in a photo processing plant. It was this role in managing production of the first factory consumer film processing, she got the intimate chemical knowledge of processing and printing qualities.

Eve grew to greatness by virtual natural talent and little formal training she became a world leading photographer. She was the first woman to be accepted by Magnum Photos; the prestigious international cooperative of photographers.

She shot for LIFE magazine,  Sunday Times Colour Magazine; produced books; The Unretouched Woman, Flashback! The Fifties; In China; In America; Marilyn Monroe: An Appreciation, Private View, All In A Day’s Work, The Great British.

She is regarded, as a leading photographer, to be humble, a social documentartian, humanitarian and artist, writer.

I own an autographed copy of her autobiographical photo essay:  Eve Arnold: In Retrospect, 1995

“What do you hang on the walls of your mind?” – EA, London 1994

JR Futcher



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