Your Waitress

Your waitress is a playground, portfolio and portal to share the photographic journey of Valerie J. Cochran. The first version of this site began on May 13, 2004. Her photographs today explore people and places in the urban landscape. All of the images were captured with film cameras. The main camera is a Canon ae-1 from the 1970’s with a 50mm f/1.4 lens.


Park Sleeper




The Dakota

I selected Valerie Cochran because I liked her photos. She goes around and takes random shots, that end up looking sick. I like her way of being able to capture the mood in her photos and the motion as well. I wouldn’t think about taking a picture of a man sleeping in the park surrounded by empty chairs. It’s different. I pretty much just like the way she thinks. I really liked her picture of the Empire State Building because the people are blurred but there’s the building standing in the center, lit up and nice. I think you guys should check out the rest of her pictures because she has so many unique ones on her Web site that you might be interested in. =)



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