Content aware fill CS5

I came across this fix for a photo using the new content aware in cs5, it seems so easy now that you see how it is done.  To learn more about those easy fixes in cs5 search the internet there are tutorials all over the net.  try one you’ll sure learn more by trying.




was working on some of my Yosemite photographs the other day and came across this one taken from Tunnel View. As soon as I opened it up, I noticed jet contrails in the sky and was ready to immediately close it to find another one without the contrails. Honestly, I didn’t want to spend the time to clone out the contrails using the Photoshop clone stamp or healing brush or spot healing tools.

Then, I remembered the Content Aware Fill tool! Content Aware fill allows you to select a region you want to repair and then simply press the enter button on your keyboard. Photoshop CS5 does the rest. Honestly, the tool is embarrasingly easy to use. Just draw a selection around the area, activate the Fill Tool, choose Content Aware Fill and press Return/Enter on your keyboard. Done!

The first step to fixing problem areas in your photo is to make a selection around the offending “thing.” In the case of the photograph above, the offending “thing” is the contrail. So, choose the lasso tool and simply draw around the contrail.

The next step is to either click the OK button or press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard. After this, Photoshop CS5 takes over and completely repairs the area.

After you’ve made the selection, you have to activate the Fill Tool. Do this by going to your menu in Photoshop CS5 and choose Edit –> Fill…

After choosing Fill, you’ll need to change the method from Foreground Color to Content-Aware.


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  1. Bill

    Nice, and more importantly EASY!!!

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