One of the best kept secrets in photography

Charlie Harbutt was born in Teaneck, New Jersey on July 29th, 1935. Harbutt has been know as one of the best kept secrets in photography, and is also one of the most productive in the communications field, which is one of the main reasons I found him and was so interested in his work. He learned much of his photography skill from his towns amatuer camera club, which he hoped to apply when he attended Marquete University. But when he started attending photo classes at marquette in the 1950s he was banned from the photo classes on the grounds that he already knew what he was doing. He later went on to become a teacher, an author, a professional photographer, president of Magnum photo’s, and has written for numerous major magazines over the years.

By: Andrew McMahon

“Great photographs exist not so much where image and reality meet and balance, but in the electric tension between the real and unreal.”


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